8 Tools You Should Own

Tools You Should Own

If you love working with your hands, especially on projects around the house, then you probably have a few favorite electric and battery-powered tools. And that is hardly surprising seeing as most homeowners seem to have an obsession with that particular category of tools.

The trend is a little unfortunate when you consider the fact that air-powered tools are the far superior choice. Of course, the fact that these pneumatic devices are so rare in the average home isn’t that shocking.

After all, these tools were initially a favorite amongst professional contractors and where built in a manner that made them inconvenient for the home setting.

It should be noted, though, that air-powered tools have undergone numerous transformations and advancements over the years so that they can better fit into the average homeowner’s toolkit.

If you love working with your hands and you’ve been on the lookout for a set of tools that will make all the sawing, hammering and nailing that much easier, the time couldn’t be more ripe for you to experiment with air-powered pneumatic tools. Eight of the best tools in this category that every homeowner should possess including:

1. Finish Nailer

Tools You Should OwnIf you are new to air-powered tools, then there is no better place to start than with the Finish Nailer. One of the most popular pneumatic tools on the market, the Finish Nailer uses air pressure to shoot nails into wood with the squeeze of a trigger. In other words, you no longer have to worry about smashed thumbs or bent nails. The Finish Nailer makes working with nails safe, simple and hassle-free.

2. Brad Nailer

Tools You Should OwnWhile a lot of people obsess over the Finish Nailer, a select few homeowners tend to lose their minds over the Brad Nailer which works like the Finish Nailer except for the fact that it shoots brads instead of Nails.

This is the tool you use if your work involves thin pieces of wood that require smaller, shorter brads in place of longer, wider nails.

3. Air Compressor

Tools You Should OwnMaybe you can get by without a Finish Nailer or even a Brad Nailer but every DIY project requires a portable compact air compressor. These devices have come so far in just a few short years and they now tend to weigh less than two dozen pounds. The best air compressors can produce the maximum possible PSIs of air pressure while requiring little to no maintenance.

4. Random Orbit Sander

Tools You Should OwnIf you need to create excessively smooth surfaces and an electric orbit sander isn’t doing the trick, consider investing in its pneumatic cousin, a tool with round pads that spin in circles and vibrate in orbit simultaneously to remove stubborn materials from surfaces. Orbit sanders of this sort are available for a little over a hundred dollars.

5. Pin Nailer

Tools You Should OwnMost skillful homeowners can get by with just a finish nailer and brad nailer but it doesn’t hurt to keep a pin nailer on hand. These air-powered devices are designed to shoot pins. Pins are tiny nails without heads and they are used in projects that involve extremely thin material that might split if it is exposed to a nail or a brad. In other words, even though they seem irrelevant to some people, pin nailers can do things that escape the capabilities of finish and brad nailers.

6. Reciprocating Saw

Tools You Should OwnIt might seem like a foolish decision to choose a reciprocating saw over its larger, electric counterpart, especially when you consider the cutting power a full-size saw brings to the table. But their small size makes reciprocating saws very beneficial. They have the capacity to cut everything from plastics to wood and even any type of metal to  in very tight spaces. You would be hardpressed to find a more convenient cutting tool.

7. Ratchet Wrench

Tools You Should OwnIt doesn’t take a genius to sell a ratchet wrench to anyone. The tool will tighten and loosen nuts and bolts with the squeeze of a paddle. This means you can use it to execute works in very tight spaces. For a tool that costs less than $200, you can accomplish so much in so many inconvenient situations.

8. Narrow Crown Stapler

Tools You Should OwnThis tool uses air pressure to fire staples into surfaces. That means you can use it to fasten things such as loose floorboards. The Narrow Crown stapler is hardly the only tool of its kind. But the device stands out because its staples are fired with far greater force and accuracy than those of its competitors.

9. A Paint sprayer

There is always a need for a good paint sprayer if you are a homeowner. You can use a paint sprayer to paint your home faster and cheaper than with a brush. You can also use it around the garden for various projects that need painting or even if you have to do a paint job on your car. Paint sprayer come in various types for different needs but the main ones are air paint sprayer, handheld, and HVLP paint sprayer that can deliver amazing results for those on a budget.

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